Mavidon Collodion Adhesive

Used to attach electrodes to the skin or scalp. Primarily, but not limited, for EEG monitoring (Epilepsy, Sleep Disorders, Ambulatory).
Especially useful when it is important to maintain a secure contact for monitoring. When applied correctly, collodion will hold even when the skin is hairy, perspiring, or oily

Product Specifications

  • Features: Solvent-based, non-plasticized, cellulose nitrate solution with very fast curing non-brittle with 10% elongation
  • Ingredients: Ethyl ether, ethanol, nitrocellulose, colloided, granular
  • Shipping Regulations: Hazardous - Flammable Liquid
  • Removal of Collodion: Collodion Remover or Acetone is recommended
  • Clean surface to be bonded with Lemon-Prep or Green Prep to remove the body oils and loose skin. Apply a thin layer of Collodion to the electrode or gauze. To facilitate cure, force clean cool air over the electrode with an air pump to aid solvent evaporation.
  • Caution: Ether solvent is extremely flammable; use in well-ventilated areas, or with correct air purifier
  • Storage: Store below 80F. The cooler the temperature the longer the shelf life (do not freeze). Do not put in refrigerator with food
  • Shelf Life: We guarantee Collodion for 90 days if it has not been open. If the container is tightly closed after each use it should last six month at room temperature (80F) or cooler. Unopened containers can last for a year or more in cooler temperatures.
  • Check with your local Solid Waste Authority. Liquid collodion is considered a Flammable Liquid. Generally empty containers can be disposed of like any other container.
  • Dried Collodion is considered a flammable solid material
  • According to the FDA list of hazardous chemicals Collodion is not considered carcinogenic.
  • The odor threshold of collodion is .3-20 mg/m^3 and can be readily detected at 20-125 mg/m^3.
  • However, acute toxic effects beginning with severe nasal irritation occur at 600 mg/m^3.
  • If inhaled in sufficient quantity, it may produce toxic central nervous system effects suck as EEG changes and drowsiness.
  • Without a fume extraction apparatus the concentration level reached 163 mg/m^3, well below the toxic level.
  • With a fume extraction apparatus we were successful in reducing vapor levels, which were above the odor threshold and frankly offensive, to levels that were detectable to most individuals. concentration did not exceed recommended exposure limits in either case